Post Production Audio

post production audio

It Looks Better When it Sounds Better

If you’ve ever watched video content and felt something was missing, or that something about it didn’t quite feel professional, it was probably because it never received dedicated sound treatment. With countless thousands (sometimes millions) spent on video, it’s amazing how many of them are released half-finished. Sound is half the finished product, and often the most neglected aspect of the post production process. It may look great, and it may have cost a lot of money, but if it still sounds cheap, it was all for not. Properly treated audio really takes it over that threshold from amateur to professional in the eyes and ears of your audience. It looks better when it sounds better.


It may sound finished to you, but not to an audio engineer. You’ve undoubtedly watched the presentation over and over again to the point where it all looks and sounds the same. Tyton brings a fresh perspective. We can detect and augment nuances you never knew were there.

Sound Effects/Design

One of the simplest but most effective (and affective!) things an audio engineer can add to your video is sound effects. The visuals may be great, but without the sounds to support them, you can feel like you’re in a vacuum. Sound effects and design bring a sense of texture, weight, and three-dimensionality to your production.

Editing & Mixing

A dedicated sound engineer can dive really deep into your video. They can take those dialogue cuts, musical transitions, and ambient sound, and make them flow seamlessly. Once the voice, sound, and music are in place, it’s time to bring it them together so that all the elements are where they need to be.


How many times have you had to change the volume halfway through a video? How many times did it make you move on to something else? An audio professional is able to balance the sound frequencies and optimize the overall output. This means that the message has the best chance of being heard loud and clear regardless of the device or environment.

There’s no shortage of video content out there these days, and most of it looks great. The visual standards are very high, and there are many very capable professionals producing great work. So where do you get an edge over the competition? In the sound!