Brand Music

brand music

The Centerpiece of Your Audio Strategy

You wouldn’t change your logo or colour scheme with each visual impression? Why would you change your musical identity?

The greatest investment you can make in your audio strategy is in the music. More than any other audio element, the music sets the pace and tone of your sound. It’s the centerpiece of your audio brand strategy.

Save Money

Custom music saves money by streamlining the production process and eliminating licensing fees. So many big corporations spend millions on syncing popular songs that will never be truly theirs. With custom brand music, you not only have your sound built in, but it’s yours forever with a one-time purchase. More on that here.

Make an Emotional Connection

Most purchase decisions are 70% emotional versus 30% rational. Persuading someone logically is certainly valid, but if your product or service is similar to your competitors, emotional appeal will ultimately tip the scales. It’s impossible to separate music and sounds from emotion. The brand with the stronger emotional connection will always tip the scales.

Be Distinctive

There’s a lot of stock music out there, and the quality of stock music has never been higher. But most stock music was not designed to be distinctive. It was composed for the background. Music that is memorable and congruent with your brand values will bring your brand to the forefront.

It’s like a jingle, but without singing. You hear these all the time. Where would Intel be without its familiar chimes? Would you recognize McDonald’s without its Ba-da-bap-bap-bah? An audio logo is an incredibly flexible and versatile product. It’s your sound signature, and it can be applied to all kinds of media and touchpoints.


The commercial jingle is in the midst of an interesting renaissance. Details of a sale are quickly forgotten (assuming they were heard at all). Jingles are remembered forever. It’s like a free commercial all day in your audience’s head.

Brand Anthem

Some brands need to go all out. They need something that’s a bit more than a jingle, and a bit more than an audio logo. A brand anthem is a bigger piece that takes all your brand attributes and sonifies them. One of the great things about brand anthems is they can be distilled and applied to virtually all media and touchpoints.

Lots of examples below. If you want to dig a bit deeper, check out this blog post where we break down the methodology and creative process involved in creating a brand anthem.