About Us

Audio Branding and Production

John Sanfilippo – Sound Strategist

Hello. I’m John. I take brands off mute.

When I was a little kid, I would mess around with tape recorders and play radio. When I was in my teens, I started playing music. In my twenties I got into media and advertising. Then in my thirties, I finally found a way to put them all together.

SoundWise was founded in 2012 (originally as Tyton Sound), and specializes in Audio Branding and Production.

Audio production is mostly self-explanatory. It includes recording, mixing, and processing of musicvoiceovers, and even video.

Audio branding goes much deeper, and it’s more important than ever. If your brand media is visual only, none of that carries over into an audio-only medium. The thing a lot of professionals and brand leaders don’t realize is you have an audio brand whether you’ve designed it or not. It’s not about the medium. You’re already making auditory and visual impressions. It’s about using best practices to get the most out of your media.

Branding is not limited to the visual realm. Let us help you to create your sound identity.