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phone menu

How much money are you losing to dropped calls?

When was the last time you called your own business. If you called right now, do you think you would be happy with the experience? Do you even know what would happen?

Ask yourself
-Will the caller be greeted by a detached, off-brand voice, or a clear and engaging presence?
-What will they hear if they’re put on-hold? Will they stay on-hold?
-Is your menu easy to navigate, or will the caller give up and take their business elsewhere?

The phone is often the most neglected audio branding tool, and the most frustrating part of the customer experience.

Your company’s phone is not a necessary evil. It’s an opportunity to strengthen your brand and your relationship with the public. SoundWise uses professional voice talent, strategic copywriting, and its own royalty-free music to bring a professional and engaging presence to your company’s phone system.

You even can take it a step further by incorporating existing audio assets like your audio logo, jingle, brand voice, or create something entirely new.