Sonic Branding & Production

The right sound starts with the right vision

Could someone recognize your brand blindfolded? We’re in the midst of an audio renaissance. Smart speakers, podcasts, voice technology, and even TikTok are all on the rise. Today how you sound is just as important as how you look. A consistent audio identity covers branding blind spots, streamlines the production process, and brings an added dimension to your brand. We do with music, sound, and voice what others do with logo, font, and colour.

When you can’t see the brand, you have to hear the brand.

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How does your brand sound?

Every brand has sound and sound space. SoundWise asks how much of it is desirable, how much of it was designed, and how much of it can be designed? We get to the core of your brand, and bring it into the realm of sound through custom media products and a comprehensive audio branding strategy. Learn all about the process here or try our Introduction to Sonic Branding.