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Talk to One Person: Creating Podcast Intimacy

I’ve touched on this in previous blogs, but intimacy is crucial to presenting a good podcast, and it deserves a more expansive discussion. During podcast production, you should have two goals in mind.-You want the guest to forget you’re recording.-You want the listener to forget they’re not part of the discussion. The SpaceSome technical concerns…

Starting a Podcast During COVID-19

Lots of folks are turning to podcasting these days, and when I say ‘these days’ I’m referring to quarantine. Some are doing it because they’ve wanted to for a while and didn’t have the time until now. Others because they have nothing else to do. Whether you’re the latter or the former, go for it….

Podcasting: On Location vs In Studio

One of the reasons studio people are so fond of the studio is you’re able to control the environment. Gear never gets dirty, things are never lost, and weather is almost never a problem. In fact, we’re so spoiled it rarely occurs to us to go outside professionally. Having said that, in recent months I’ve…